Sentiment Analysis of News Headlines: Ethereum


One of the most recognized for beginners, VADER( Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner) is a rule-based and lexicon sentiment analysis tool that is created to extract sentiment from social media text. Quantifying the level of negativity and positivity found in a text.


TextBlob is an NLP library in python that allows for NLP functionalities such as extracting sentiment from a text through high-level simple APIs. Build for the purpose to be user-friendly. The values we will be examining will be Subjectivity and Polarity.


To fully understand our sentiment analysis, I decided to graph the sentiment features vs the dates we are examining. Grouping these features together we can start to see the difference between these features.



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Eric Gustavo Romano

Eric Gustavo Romano

Hi! My name is Eric Gustavo Romano. I am a data science enthusiast and practitioner located in Jersey.